Groof Street

was developed by Max Acrone Studio in 2022. Our idea is supposed by a team of developers, artists, marketers, months of work and a huge amount of ambition. Groof Street is the epitome of the idea and desire to change the world in the form of NFT art. Project development is a global process aimed at creating a complete product with game modifications. In developing Groof Street, we will expand the choice for the user as much as possible, add more factions and a game with a system of battles, ranks, farming, rewards and lots of fun, also create a metaverse in the Improbable M2 network.


The realization of the Groof Street collection is something more for us than just NFT and business. In addition to the Groof Street collection, we are going to launch several more unique collections that radically differ from each other in their idea and realization. Thanks to the success of the NFT project, we will allow ourselves to improve the world of digital reality. Groof Street is more than NFT. Our team strives to develop a product of the future with which users will recreate a new reality.
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